Mentally Ill Man who just killed two women now attacks a car with a knife added Thu Nov 9 18:04:52 2017 ago by brrrtmn in: raw | views: 5

google translate: "Police officers in "hot pursuit "detained a suspect in a brutal murder in the village of Kedrovka, he killed a woman selling a grocery store (born in 1960) with a knife, as well as a customer (born in 1963.) The latter probably became an unwitting witness to the tragedy. A terrible massacre occurred today at noon on Privokzalnaya Street, the body of the first victim was found with multiple cut wounds at the outlet, and the second with similar injuries - eight meters from her. a Yekaterinburg citizen born in 1972, an invalid of the second group, who was registered with a psychiatric medical institution, "said Valery Gorelykh, spokesman for the regional police chief,after police detained the man,he suffered an epileptic seizure.The murderer died on the spot,before the ambulance arrived."

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