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Guest brrrtmn. Sep-8-2016

Protecting and Serving the shit of out that dude!!! Crazy, Wonder why there is such disdain and ultimately hatred for US police?

Geek1957 . Apr-19-2017

Because people, like the guy getting hit, don't do as they're told. He was obviously struggling to get free, and if you can't see that in the video, take off you nigger glasses and look aagain.

I love it brrrtmn. Sep-9-2016

I would have ran up and kicked the shit out of him in his face

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-10-2016

I see how busted that cops face was. Gives you no right to handcuff,punch,knee,and god knows what else to the public. Fuck the police !

The Irishman brrrtmn. Sep-10-2016

One of the infamous pig "stop resisting" beatings.

NotTheMan brrrtmn. Sep-11-2016

Fuck off, whiney bitches, if he had followed directions he could have saved a bunch of pain.

Nazco brrrtmn. Sep-12-2016

Don't resist

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-18-2016

What a professional

IMWally brrrtmn. Sep-19-2016

The cop was bleeding. I'm guessing there was just a teeny bit of revenge punching going on.
But, it looked like everything was going to be in control.
Get that riffraff outta my neighborhood officer.



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