Transvestite assaultadded Fri Oct 28 16:28:50 2016 ago by brrrtmn in: Raw | views: 4


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Sokram brrrtmn. Oct-31-2016


IMWally brrrtmn. Oct-31-2016

Girls will be girls....................... sorta.

anime10100 brrrtmn. Nov-1-2016

lol weak ass window

Guest brrrtmn. Nov-4-2016

Not even sorta because as soon as she knocked that weave off his head the fag came str8 out!

Geek1957 brrrtmn. Apr-19-2017

Transvestite or not, there's male DNA, not female. HE is just dressing like a woman but fights like a 10 yr old girl. Sad



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