Toddler Tries To Wake Up Junkie Mom After Overdosing added Wed Sep 28 15:00:51 2016 ago by brrrtmn in: Raw | views: 6

In the video, the 2-year-old girl is screaming and tugging at her mother’s limp body Sunday morning at Family Dollar in Lawrence. The person taking the video can be heard describing the mother’s eyes rolling to the back of her head. Soon, first responders arrive. Police said it took two doses of Narcan to revive her.

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The Irishman brrrtmn. Sep-28-2016

Such a sad but common occurrence since that fentanyl dope hit the streets.
That poor little kid.

IMWally brrrtmn. Sep-29-2016

The rest of that kids life will probably be shit, but at least she got a toy pony outta the deal.......

Are you sure this is a dollar store? It looked more like Tiffany's

vouvos brrrtmn. Sep-30-2016

shithead mom!!!!!!

Three Buttocks brrrtmn. Oct-1-2016

She probably gets food stamps, a welfare check and Section 8--all of which frees up money to buy dope.

Nazco brrrtmn. Oct-1-2016

A vote for Hillary is a vote for more of this shît

Guest brrrtmn. Oct-3-2016

Lol sorry wetback dressing up to go to a cheap ass store.. hope she dies soon

Guest brrrtmn. Oct-7-2016

She's not mexican and the folks recording are dominican.

Grunther brrrtmn. Nov-27-2016

Poor little one.

admin Grunther. Nov-27-2016


Geek1957 brrrtmn. Apr-19-2017

"Yeah, yeah, we called...............just thought we'd stand here and film her child crying for a while, you know, so she can remember her mom every time she see's it on the internet......yeah"

Fucking low life scum.



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