Walmart shopper live streams aftermath of fatal parking lot shooting, with bizarre commentary as man lays dead added Wed Sep 14 14:25:06 2016 ago by brrrtmn in: Raw | views: 10

One person is dead and two others are in the hospital after a shooting that occurred in a Walmart parking lot in Shawnee. At about 1:27 p.m., officers arrived to the Walmart at 16100 West 65th Street and found several people injured.

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Sean555 brrrtmn. Sep-15-2016

Wow it's so fucking funny

JDillinger brrrtmn. Sep-16-2016

She must have some great anti depression meds...

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-16-2016

She is soo UGLY

Geek1957 brrrtmn. Sep-25-2016

Interesting? 2 people dead is 'interesting'?

Stupid split ass.

Guest brrrtmn. Sep-28-2016

Fucking Soccer mum reporter "Oh you hope everyone is ok" Get fucked ; hold the camera straight, keep your ugly cunt mouth shut!

IMWally brrrtmn. Sep-29-2016

Thanks Buffy for that field report. Now back to Brad at news central.

The Irishman brrrtmn. Sep-29-2016

That is one weird ass fugly bitch.

Guest brrrtmn. Oct-3-2016

I like how she says well im at walmart where i hate to go bitch you know you shop there everyday dont act like your better than everybody elses

Geek1957 brrrtmn. Apr-19-2017

Yup, you can take the person out of Walmart, but you can't take Walmart out of the person.

Yes, yes that is happening right in front of your car you fucktard.



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