Man brutally hit in head with bat during robbery added Fri Oct 28 16:14:23 2016 ago by brrrtmn in: Dash Cam | views: 6

A man walking in the street, ran up to him a robber with a bat. The man received several blows, but did not give the robber a bag,robber was later arrested.

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The Irishman brrrtmn. Nov-2-2016

Man, that dude's definitely concussed. I hope they caught the thieving bastard.

Geek1957 The Irishman. Apr-19-2017

He'll have a bad headache, but he's not concussed.


Geek1957 brrrtmn. Apr-19-2017

That wasn't a bot. Had it been his head would've been caved in after the first blow. This was a billy club. It's not meant to cave a skull in but to give you an advantage in a fight. Nothing more.

Geek1957 Geek1957. Aug-28-2017

Oops.............."...wasn't a bat."

Dash Cam


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