Pedestrian run over by SUVadded Wed Jun 29 17:12:04 2016 ago by brrrtmn in: Dash Cam | views: 19


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Nazco brrrtmn. Jul-11-2016

Crossing the street in Taiwan is like skipping across a mine field. Every car has an Asian driver!

Allan brrrtmn. Jul-23-2016

And that was a woman driver too.

Cecil the Lion Died One Year Ago brrrtmn. Sep-17-2016

help her get up
you only ran over both her legs twice

admin brrrtmn. Nov-7-2016

For a second there it looked like he was about to back over to make sure!

admin brrrtmn. Nov-7-2016

Cripple for life I would guess.....

admin brrrtmn. Nov-7-2016

That's definitely going to leave a mark ..on her car.

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