Suicide in Prague Subwayadded Sun Jul 31 16:17:46 2016 ago by brrrtmn in: CCTV | views: 4

Suicide in Prague subway station Namesti Republiky

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Guest brrrtmn. Jul-31-2016

That one went a bit different than the usual suicide by train.
I think he tried to jump in front ..either way ..he got what he wanted ..some death.

oops brrrtmn. Aug-4-2016

Bet he felt a bit dizzy after that.

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-5-2016

You spin me right round babe right round!

disturbae brrrtmn. Aug-25-2016

I wish I could have seen that in person

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-26-2016

ohh god, having those flashbacks all over again T_T

DevelishGrin brrrtmn. May-9-2017

that's some serious rpms



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