Bloody massacre in the storeadded Wed Sep 28 14:47:10 2016 ago by brrrtmn in: CCTV | views: 4

26 years old guy with a knife walked into the store and attacked his 28 year old girlfriend. Then he commits suicide. Woman is in serious condition. Guy died in hospital.

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The Irishman brrrtmn. Sep-28-2016

Fucking insanity man.

jimzkie04 brrrtmn. Sep-29-2016

totally ill......

Nazco brrrtmn. Oct-1-2016

Ginzu knives on sale, isle 6

DevelishGrin brrrtmn. May-9-2017

population control....

American GI brrrtmn. Nov-12-2017

And the asso will spend eternity wondering why she lived and is in heaven while his ass is in Hell forever.



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