Husband and Wife Killed by Point Blank Shots to the Back of the Head added Wed Aug 10 17:09:52 2016 ago by brrrtmn in: CCTV | views: 17

Google translation Happened in SAN JOSE CITY Philippines. Victims identified as Mr Dave and Angel Abello. Police is still in search of suspect Allan Contreras Averilla 38 yrs old.

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johnconnor4433 brrrtmn. Aug-11-2016

cant tell who to hate, maybe he was rightfully taking revenge for something, at least he executed them quickly.

Guest brrrtmn. Aug-16-2016

she lived for a few seconds trying to hold on. Then let go. Sad.

ttttt brrrtmn. Aug-26-2016


MATADORes brrrtmn. Oct-13-2016


DevelishGrin brrrtmn. May-9-2017

Does plugging your ears stop a bullet?? Somebody lied to her.



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