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Cop kill shotgun wielding robber
Brazil - Two robbers arrived in the market and announced the robbery, a military police officer who was off duty and was buying the market reacted and was shot in the knee, but managed to hit the attacker with two shots, which killed the criminal



Jan-27-2014 (#54006) By: badegg (points: 94, rank: 120)

what happened to the second robber?

Apr-13-2014 (#60808) By: SordidReality (points: 35, rank: 311)

He's the pussy running for his life in the lower left of the screen at 1:03 just after the other guy gets shot.

Jun-13-2014 (#66525) By: mtent57 - Id: rL31OSjZPk

He bravely ran away.

Jun-13-2014 (#66527) By: Carlos - Id: HgsbryqUWU

I don't understand how the "polieceman" got injured, it seems like he got injured by the way he is walkings at the end.

Jun-13-2014 (#66533) By: Yo - Id: uBjZQmZMgA

The shotgun goes off after he shoots one of the robbers. Watch it fly out of the guys hand after he's shot.

Aug-31-2014 (#74272) By: Guest user - Id: I0IIcKqAjY


Feb-13-2016 (#119185) By: Praamsaga (points: 58, rank: 2762)

That shotgun wielder didn't die. He was still moving around when the cop car arrived.

Apr-26-2016 (#123481) By: chicoria1 (points: 39, rank: -)

lol one monkey less in this world... disconnected forever

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