Aug-27-2012 (#8265) By: brrrtmn (points: 11721, rank: 1)

Horrible accident - Four Chinese workers electrocuted pushing scaffold
Three died on the spot, one guy with serious injuries

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Apr-4-2014 (#60046) By: vicky - Id: yYJoRaZ1Xc

This is absolutely horrific and I can't believe some of the comments. These poor people have families. What if it was your son, father, brother, uncle, etc. Internet trolls are pathetic, attention-seeking scumbags!

Mar-26-2014 (#59101) By: Upul - Id: YOvAFsd80o

I won't

Mar-23-2014 (#58841) By: Colette - Id: hyg5BH4OlM

I am gobsmacked and for me that's unknown

Mar-18-2014 (#58448) By: Guest user - Id: R9JggOEU/w

This is what small government and no oversight looks like, much like the US at the turn of the 20th century

Mar-29-2014 (#59383) By: Guest user - Id: LRkp9RyiBY

You so realise this video is from CHINA? They have MASSIVE government in China, not small government! China is a communist state.

Mar-17-2014 (#58342) By: Guest user - Id: aEthrI/r5E

Fact: everyone making jokes at this video game EXPERT, out of shape, has no gf, and AMERICAN!

Mar-6-2014 (#57570) By: Guest user - Id: prIgmKNqiA

This is not the navel sub base. If you actually read the LA times report you would find out. There was 5 people involved in that accident and this video clearly shows 4.

Mar-3-2014 (#57292) By: Reese - Id: 1HcBKQTo8.

These are not Chinese workers. Last time I checked they dont speak english in China (Camera 10). These were killed at Navy Submarine Base San Diego in 1986.

Mar-23-2014 (#58800) By: Allie - Id: MlgPqmJIcA

You need to check again. They begin learning English at the third grade level in China's primary schools, and they probably speak it better than you do.

Jan-31-2014 (#54339) By: demi - Id: a2sm9LtcH2

Bluddy hell that's funny but really bad . X