Dec-15-2012 (#21358) By: brrrtmn (points: 28092, rank: 1)

Little boy run over by truck in China

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Dec-16-2012 (#21397) By: Cagneyman (points: 19, rank: 575)

For a "professional" driver he shows a distinct lack of awareness of his surroundings. Obviously never looked in front when moving off - I guess he was too fixated on his mirrors. Even after the front wheel bumped over the little boy he was so insensitive to his vehicle that he did not seem to realise that something was wrong. he could easily have stopped before the rear wheels hit ( although I guess even by then it was too late) Hope he loses his license.

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Dec-20-2012 (#21730) By: suzukipower (points: 13, rank: 749)

Yes I hope also for all time. I feel very sad.

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Dec-20-2012 (#21748) By: Pr0chan (points: 143, rank: 87)

At such distance it is a blind spot! He couldn't see this kid!

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Jan-28-2013 (#25007) By: dav420 (points: 27, rank: 397)

dude ur a fukin idiot bro, i didnt even bother to see the clip, go kill urself

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Feb-8-2013 (#25936) By: Guest user - Id: PjsqQFEPWs

Reply to comment #21869 'HAHAHAHAHAHA ..'


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Mar-9-2013 (#28372) By: Guest user - Id: DAVvmtZMgg

would you be laughing if it was your SON shit for brains.

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Apr-7-2016 (#122469) By: Curiouslytwisted (points: 220, rank: -)

This is a perfect example of why "guests" should not be allowed to comment, you add absolutely nothing to the comments, you sir are an imbecile.

Dec-31-2012 (#22533) By: Guest user - Id: t3Pvgtt4no

Fucking Damn, Life's to short... poor kid :(

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