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  • Young Boy Slammed by SUV Through Shop Window

    A young boy in the US has survived a terrifying crash that saw a four-wheel-drive send him smashing through the front of a store. 12-year-old Abraham Al-Saidi was with two other boys riding bikes

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  • Security camera caught machete attack in a bar in Dominican Republic

    A group of men armed with machetes attacked a bar in Dominican Republic, leaving 28 people injured. The attack was related to a dispute over the drug trade.

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  • Liverpool teenager's ear bitten by thugs

    This shocking footage shows the moment a 16-year old boy had his ear bitten in a gruesome gang attack. A Merseyside Police spokesman said: “He is recovering in hospital having suffered cuts and b

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  • Former Jail Inmate Wins $3.25 Million Settlement

    Denver, CO - Denver is poised to pay $3.25 million to a former jail inmate who was allegedly tortured by other inmates, then captured on video being choked and shocked with a Taser by deputies. The

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  • Man Jailed After Brutal Assault

    Tameside, UK - A man has been jailed after a vicious street brawl which happened in Tameside. Daniel Browne (27/08/1989) of St Marys Road, Hyde was found guilty of section 18 assault and was senten

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  • Footage Of Failed Assassination

    UK: Dramatic CCTV footage captured the moment a lone gunman fired shots at a worker on the yard of a Merseyside garage. The astonishing footage shows the attacker casually driving towards the garag

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  • Assault with Concrete Slab on Bloom Street, Manchester

    Police are trying to trace a man who had a concrete slab smashed over his head in an early morning assault in the city centre. Shortly after 4.35am on Wednesday 16 July 2014, Manchester City CCTV o

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  • Chemical Reaction Cause Van To Explode

    Blackpool, UK - A workman was forced to run for his life after his van caught fire and then exploded in a busy town center. The blaze, which was triggered by a chemical reaction between two substan

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