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  • Man in a car chases and crushes to death two robbers after being mugged

    Italy - After being robbed of his mobile phone,a 29 years old man chases his robbers,which they were escaping on a scooter,and crushes them to death.For this,he has been charged with voluntary manslau

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  • Nanny caught on camera abusing toddler

    Horrifying video of how a nanny was caught on camera maltreating a toddler. This happened in Uganda after the parents of the little girl installed a hidden camera in the living room to monitor what ha

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  • Train Slams Into Truck In Kazakhstan

    November 22 at 12.30 h. MAZ trucks (tractor with semitrailer) under 24-year-old driver left the regulated level crossing (2606 km of driving of Petropavlovsk - Kondratovka South Urals Railway, 18 km.

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  • Brave Dog shot during armed robbery

    South Africa - about 10 to 12 armed men attempted to rob a Rhodesfield business on November 18 at about 10am.with bullets flying everywhere One suspect carrying an AK47 was shot in the shoulder by the

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  • Teenager Shoots And Kills Clerk

    Brazil - Mercadinho Bodegao was shot point blank and murdered during a botched robbery. Two teenagers enter his store and announce the robbery with one pointing a gun at him. He tries to hit the gu

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  • SUV Chased By Police Hits Building, Causing Partial Collapse - See more at:

    Watch for the speeding white SUV coming from left of screen. An SUV crashed into a downtown building during a police chase Thursday morning. Police tried to stop the driver of a white SUV about 10:

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  • Parking dispute ends in brutal beating

    The fight for parking almost ended in the death of one of the participants. According to the wife of the victim, Victoria Ermolayeva wrong to park your car in the yard, which aroused the anger of one

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  • Thug Sucker Punches Female Clerk In Shoe Store

    San Luis Obispo, CA - A store clerk in San Luis Obispo was recovering Thursday after being punched in the face in an unprovoked attack by a would-be customer. The attack occurred around 10:15 a.m.

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